For Inauguration Day

One year the Easter Bunny brought a moderately large stuffed animal. It was a rabbit of course (not a duck) but something about its face wasn’t right. Without long floppy ears one might mistake it for a dog. Poor thing, it was straight from the Island of Misfit Toys, but it was soft and floppy and our seven-year old daughter loved it. She named it Fluffy.
Most of my daughter’s stuffed animals talk to us through animal sounds which she interprets.
Even though Fluffy was a rabbit, he made little barking sounds and occasionally howled softly. At first we thought it was amusing and slightly strange to have a barking rabbit at the dinner table, but over time we quit noticing. It didn’t stop being odd. It just wasn’t unusual anymore.
Last Christmas break when our daughter returned from college Fluffy somehow emerged out of storage. He still barked and howled and joined us at the dinner table. He was not quite as vocal, but he was there. My wife and I barely noticed.
And so, on Inauguration Day, I would like to advise my friends who are disturbed by the advent of our new unorthodox president, relax! He might actually come from the Island of Misfit Toys, and be a little (or a lot) disturbing, but he’s part of the family now. We will all get used to him eventually. Just give it some time.


2 thoughts on “For Inauguration Day

  1. A lot depends on how the new family member behaves. Does he chew the carpet, or worse? Does he see the whole family as part of the family? Let’s see how the misfit toy behaves…


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